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Inside ‘’The Cove’’

Inside the premises of The Cove you have access to an all-day fresh cuisine with ingredients that are coming right off the organic vegetable garden. The kitchen is open for all three main courses: breakfast, lunch and dinner – the east coast is known for its fresh and high quality seafood and authentic Sri Lankan, Sinhala and Tamil food culture. Of course, our kitchen and chef are able to cook western American and European foods as well.

Our natural poolside is one of its kind, the water coming fresh from the river which translates in the real Cove experience. You also have access to canoes and with our boat and experienced dive instructors you can explore the rare and hard-to-find coral reefs of Sri Lanka. Accessing and exploring the astonishing mangroves and the deep blue ocean.

With bicycles on the premises you can go for short-distance, on The Cove or when you are true adventurer, you are able to go for longer-distances within the beautiful surroundings of Pasikuda, the level of freedom is within your choice.

There is also an outdoor sport-field for volleyball, badminton, frisbeeing and soccer.This makes it the perfect spot for school kids, students and team-building for corporates. We are as flexible as your imagination.

Are you more of a tranquility-seeker, we have a spa- and wellness allocated area, for yoga, meditation, ayurvedic treatments, massage and spa services. Whatever your requirement, we have a special experience to offer. Ask us for the possibilities.

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The Adventure Cove  

In addition to the canoe/kayak experience, boat trips with our professional diving instructors to explore the coral reef, The Cove Team offers sand dune picnics with fresh food from the nearby market, clam hunting for which the area is known for. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will be alongside the shallow waters of the mangrove, for adults and for children, the ultimate clam hunting can be discovered during the time when mother earth is preparing herself for sunrise.

Are you bringing along your little ones? We got you covered with a special and unique experience, where your kid can play like a monkey at the Kids-Play-Area.

With The Cove unique transportation you can explore the rougher terrains in the area, stops for nature sight-seeing for the best shots for your Social Media, as if your followers on Facebook and Instagram are right there with you.

Do you want to make an impact? We offer unique CSR-opportunities within the area, think of: community-building through painting a fisherman’s log, repairing a roof of a hard-working family or collective beach cleaning – even tree planting activities for literally a ‘’breath-taking experience’’

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Serving you with a smile

As adventurer-takers and passion-seekers we know that a true authentic experience is only as good as the people taking care of that. That’s why our Cove Team will be devoted to create the most memorable experience possible. Our team know the area like no one else, tourist attractions and spots for tranquility and rejuvenation.                                                                                                                                                                              _

Team work makes the dream work and our dream is to redefine adventure and relaxation in a unique congruent memory, whatever that is for you.

Our team will start the work from the day you arrive as a foreign traveler or if you are a Sri Lankan native, guiding your experience from the day you’re planning your next Cove Adventure.

We are ready for you!

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